Consult Australia, Annual Report 2020

Consult Australia Champions of Change 2020

Consult Australia Champions of Change is a network of 13 Chief Executives and Managing Directors working collaboratively to
increase the representation and influence of women within our firms and across the built environment. We hold ourselves and each
other to account through a rigorous, measurable, best practice approach.
Consult Australia Champions of Change is a Member Group of the Champions of Change Coalition, a network of CEOs, secretaries
of government departments, non-executive directors and community leaders. The Champions of Change Coalition believe gender
equality is one of the nation’s most significant societal and economic issues. Established in 2010, by then Australian Sex Discrimination
Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick AO, our mission is to step up beside women to help achieve a significant and sustainable
increase in the representation of women in leadership.

Here is the complete 2020 report