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Inside the legal industry: Leaders, power and the rules of the game!

We all read regularly that there are not enough women in partnership in law firms. We know that 60% of law graduates are women, over …

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Consult Australia Champions of Change 2020

Consult Australia, Annual Report 2020

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Gender Diversity In A World In Crisis

Leading up to COVID we were really beginning to gain momentum in Diversity and Inclusion; we were at the cusp of some really exciting progression.
We were seeing businesses start to take D&I seriously, and put plans in place to see gender diversity realised in their business.

However due to COVID and the economic impact that has flowed on as a result, we have seen stagnation in the once moving efforts for achieving gender equity. The research tells us that during an economic downturn, D&I is often the first thing to go.

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Why Sponsorship Is Critical to Womens Career Progression

I have had three careers. My first was as an Olympic athlete in judo. My second was as a construction project manager. My third is …

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Breaking Down the Boys Club

How formal sponsorship can accelerate female performance in the workplace Once conducted behind closed doors, corporate sponsorship is being brought into the open as a …

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Case Study

GHD’s Sponsorship Journey: Behind the Scenes of the Cultivate Program With Phil and Monica

In 2018 Phil Duthie sponsored his GHD colleague Monica George, marking the beginning of a professional relationship founded on mutual respect and numerous “aha” moments. …

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Gender equality ‘fatigue’ sets in

Financial Review, November 19 2019

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Research demonstrates that whilst men and women access professional development programs; progression to leadership roles often depends on sponsorship, which women have a hard time accessing.

- Galea, N., et al. 2016. Demolishing gender structures. UNSW. Sydney, UNSW.
Research tells us that a sponsorship program targeted at emerging women leaders and owned by senior management is a necessary strategy to overcome biases and systemic barriers to womens advancement.

- Hewlett SA., et al. 2010. The Sponsor Effect: Breaking through the last glass ceiling. Centre for Work-Life Policy.
Progressive companies recognise that creating a transparent, more equitable system of sponsorship boosts the company's ability to utlilse the whole talent pool.

- KPMG Women’s Leadership Study: Moving Women Forward in Leadership Roles, 2015.
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