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Why Mentors Are not Accelerating Women’s Careers.

For a long time, businesses have relied on mentorship, whether organically or formally acquired, as a resource for women to succeed in an organisation.
However, research has shown that mentorship, while adding some value to career paths, actually does not drive any actionable or direct change in women’s career progression.

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Gender Diversity In A World In Crisis

Leading up to COVID we were really beginning to gain momentum in Diversity and Inclusion; we were at the cusp of some really exciting progression.
We were seeing businesses start to take D&I seriously, and put plans in place to see gender diversity realised in their business.

However due to COVID and the economic impact that has flowed on as a result, we have seen stagnation in the once moving efforts for achieving gender equity. The research tells us that during an economic downturn, D&I is often the first thing to go.

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Research demonstrates that whilst men and women access professional development programs; progression to leadership roles often depends on sponsorship, which women have a hard time accessing.

- Galea, N., et al. 2016. Demolishing gender structures. UNSW. Sydney, UNSW.
Research tells us that a sponsorship program targeted at emerging women leaders and owned by senior management is a necessary strategy to overcome biases and systemic barriers to womens advancement.

- Hewlett SA., et al. 2010. The Sponsor Effect: Breaking through the last glass ceiling. Centre for Work-Life Policy.
Progressive companies recognise that creating a transparent, more equitable system of sponsorship boosts the company's ability to utlilse the whole talent pool.

- KPMG Women’s Leadership Study: Moving Women Forward in Leadership Roles, 2015.