In 2018 Phil Duthie sponsored his GHD colleague Monica George, marking the beginning of a professional relationship founded on mutual respect and numerous “aha” moments. Fast forward two years and they still meet for regular coffee catchups.

What our program participants say…

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of women participants said the program de-mystified what senior leaders do in their organisation and they felt more likely to put their hand up for the job

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of sponsors said the program gave them a clear vision of the gender equality legacy they wanted to leave in their organisation

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of women participants said that the program gave them more confidence to go for a more senior role

Cultivate Sponsees


“This is the first time in my career I feel like I have a longer term plan.”

“Building networks through my sponsor and also getting a wider sense of the business – this has been an acceleration of what would have taken me longer just on my own.”

Sponsor and Business Leaders

“I realised I have to be more deliberate in my sponsorship actions to embed gender equality.”

“An insight into the life of a senior technical woman at [Company] and the difference that I can make by making a few small change”

Cultivate Sponsors and Businesses