In a rare program scenario, senior leader Kerrie Campbell sponsored her AECOM colleague Anna Robinson while she was on maternity leave. The program was only the beginning of an ongoing professional and personal relationship that changed the focus of both participants.


AECOM sought to build on its existing policies and structures to facilitate more women entering leadership ranks. AECOM was looking to augment their approach to succession planning to create better visibility of future leaders amongst the leadership team.

Consult Australia (through its Champions of Change Group) appointed Cultivate Sponsorship to build a customised sponsorship program to increase the proportion of women promoted and retained into leadership in member firms such as AECOM, GHD and Jacobs through effective sponsorship for all talent.

Gender diversity for GHD is a critical part of being a viable and effective firm. A diversity of views and experiences is crucial to business success. With respect to this, GHD sought a structured approach to improve intentional leadership that makes them more effective at attracting and retaining female talent.


In 2018 Phil Duthie sponsored his GHD colleague Monica George, marking the beginning of a professional relationship founded on mutual respect and numerous “aha” moments. Fast forward two years and they still meet for regular coffee catchups.

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