About Us

The Cultivate Sponsorship Story.

At Cultivate, we believe all talent should have the opportunity to succeed. 

We are an experienced, evidence-based, innovative company whose sponsorship program gives female talent the opportunity to succeed, helps leaders become better leaders and workplaces become more inclusive and diverse.

There has been decades of research into gender equality, but businesses are not necessarily seeing results from the programs and targets they are putting in place.

Cultivate is for businesses that are looking for a program backed by research that will help them attract talented women and see them progress into leadership.

We believe that business, employees, and culture thrive with a structured sponsorship program that helps to identify, progress and retain female talent

Our formal sponsorship program will help build knowledge and ownership of gender equality amongst your company leaders.

Why Cultivate?

Our research-based program makes a real difference to female talent retention and progression, building gender equity and leadership readiness.

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsors believe and invest in the careers of emerging leaders by giving them access to opportunity, supporting their skill development and advocating for them.

Is sponsorship in your 2024?

Click below to register your interest in the Cultivate Sponsorship Program for next year! But get in quick as there is only limited spots available for our 2024 intake.