Built for organisations that want to make a difference on equality and understand that real change does not happen over night. 

Cultivate Sponsorship is the only sponsorship program in Australia that is based on research to create

cultural change

Identify your future leaders

Build leadership readiness and equality in your pipeline

Connect them with sponsors

Designed to build and nurture sponsorship relationships

Grow your talent, strengthen your business

Attract and retain the best people

Cultivate is not like other programs.

Cultivate provides support for up to 12 months, to ensure the changes to your business are enduring.

Informal “sponsorship” of employees happens naturally in companies, but male leaders tend to take an interest in the career progression of younger men.

In the long-term, businesses see cultural change – and improve their ability to attract and retain talented women.

Cultivate is a program that gives business leaders the tools to build strategic alliances with women.

Guided by a carefully curated seven month program, Sponsors and sponsored employees form a genuine and trusting connection.

Our Mission & Values

The truth is that not all talent is recognised, given opportunity or rewarded fairly. Women are at a natural disadvantage in what can be male dominated industries, male dominated leadership ,or by not having natural or informal mentoring opportunities. As well as potentially having a natural career break to raise children.

Without a circuit-breaker that puts in place clear structure, talent can be overlooked and leave; company’s staff turnover can increase; boards and leadership can have a lack of female talent progressing through the ranks and not meet compliance targets.

Our Belief

All talent should have the opportunity to succeed; business should more closely represent the gender balance in society. By formalising sponsorship, there is a structure to connect with relevant company stakeholders and nurture female talent and careers.

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